Busta refrigeration is a contracting company that provides competent Refrigeration &Cold Room products and services in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya. We supply refrigeration and cold rooms components as well as kitchen supplies and air conditioners. Our products are of good quality have warrant to original buyers. Refrigeration is very crucial in everyday life, in that it reduces food damage and consequent food wastage. Freezers and cold-rooms maintain constant low temperatures for kitchen foodstuff keeping them fresh longer.Low temperatures hinders growth and increase of microorganisms that hasten food rot and decay. Moreover, refrigeration is equally critical in medical field,many pharmaceutical materials and medicines require certain specific temperatures. If natural temperature control is relied on, the medicines will get damaged. Thus Busta refrigeration is your guaranteed contractor.Learn More

Air Conditioners

From handling both government and private projects busta ref has successfully completed many air conditioner and mechanicalventilation(ACMV) projects for residential,commercial and industrial complexes.Read More

Condensing Unit

Busta ref condensing unit works on the piston principle proving themselves for decades in the areas of refrigeration and air conditioning. Read More

Heat Dryer

Busta's heat pump dryer operates according to a basic air conditioning cycle involving four main components: the evaporator, the compressor,the condensor and the expansion valve. Read More

Kitchen Supplies

From everyday prepping utensils to those that are highly specialized, Busta Refrigeration Limited has the functional kitchen accessories you need to complement any style of kitchen. Read More